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Jason Wilmot

Lincoln Public Schools - Computing Science
Lincoln, NE
Jason Wilmot is a teacher, blogger, author, and an all around believer in good. Jason spent six years as a classroom teacher and currently teaches 650 kids each week as their computer science/creativity ninja specialist. He is a founding board member of The Bay – the best thing to happen in Lincoln, NE, maybe ever. Jason has traveled the world, met beautiful people and knows we are far more alike than we are different.

Jason is married to a talented and gorgeous lady who has made everything about life better. Especially breakfast. He likes his job. He likes to bike. He likes to make music.

Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in Education & Human Sciences and master’s degrees in Historical Studies and Educational Leadership (fingers crossed), but is keen enough to know that deeds and actions trump a resumé any day.

Jason writes about what he cares about. He believes in questioning everything (especially himself). Jason believes in beauty, humanity and sometimes even science. He believes that things are getting better and that good ideas will ultimately win out.