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The Encyclopædia Britannica name has been synonymous with reliable and trustworthy information for generations. Founded in 1768, in Edinburgh, Scotland, it began with the encyclopedia of that name, created by two entrepreneurs and an editor. Over the years its reputation grew as the greatest minds of each generation contributed work to subsequent editions. The size of the Britannica grew as well, from the 3-volume 1st edition to the 32-volume 15th. In the 20th century the company expanded into new areas and new products, such as language instruction, educational media, the classics, and reference works in a host of different languages.

In 1981 Britannica published its first digital encyclopedia—probably the first digital encyclopedia—and thus began a journey toward becoming an almost totally digital company. Today the Britannica.com Web site and many others published by EB and its divisions serve tens of millions of people around the world. They are updated daily.